the artist

Hi. i’m tracy. I’m an artist, creator, designer, teacher, musician, and web developer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In my professional work, I’m a designer. Design is much different than art since the purpose is to communicate a message that everyone will perceive and understand the same. Great art can be interpreted differently by everyone. Great design is universally understood. (or else it is not good)

Back in college, i was an art major at UW-Milwaukee At the same time i was beginning my professional career as a designer using primarily digital media and the web. i quickly became frustrated with boxy, flat, and lifeless design trends. For 20+ years of my career, i have always worked to add texture, color and some personality in the sites and products that i create.

But in the digital world, its not *real* texture you can touch. And that makes me a bit sad.

So i started making art again.

the art

The art i create is hard to explain. Because my brain doesn’t like to think in the words as much as it does the feelings, colors, shapes, and sounds. You know when something just “feels” right and you can’t explain it? Yeah, that’s the part of your brain that handles emotions AND decisions but doesn’t have the capacity for language and words.

So what does each piece mean? Yes. But more importantly, what does it stir up in YOU? What does the combination of colors, shapes, and texture make you think of? What feelings do you get from it? Does it remind you of something, someone, somewhere or some time?

Then ✨that✨ is the meaning of the piece.

Art is personal. We all connect with different things for different reasons. Why did i use this color there? What does this shape mean? What determines it is finished? Why is this texture different than that one?


Just… yes.

Abstract art isn’t for everyone. i know that. i actually used to be frustrated by abstract art because i saw all these really expensive abstract pieces in the art galleries and thought “a child could have done that.”

But it’s true. Children are some of the best artists in the world. They are not self-restricting themselves to established norms and rules that we are conditioned to through our years. Art is about expressing oneself but more importantly, about connection, with each other, and the world around us. It’s about evoking feelings, emotions, memories, and communicating in ways that words fail to.

So basically my style is much more “hmmm. i wonder what would happen if…” rather than created with intentional direction.

Add some color to your life!

Browse the shop & find something
that “just feels right”


Which way do i hang it?


Don’t overthink it. Display it however it best “feels” right for you.

I was taught to not touch artwork, but I really want to touch these…

Good. Do it! A big reason i use so much texture is so you ✨can✨ touch it. There are no rules here. No one will tell your parents.

Do you accept returns?

The short answer is no. I’m just a solo artist doing this on the side, so I don’t have any streamlined customer service and return/shipping system set up. However, send me a message directly and i’m willing to work on exceptions if the need arises.

Why is it so expensive? Do you give discounts?

My pieces use a lot of materials, so one factor is the cost of art supplies used to create the piece. Another factor is time. While abstract art may ✨look✨ like it was something quickly thrown together, they actually take quite a few hours over days, weeks, or even years. There are some pieces i have been working on & adding layers to for over 15 years. Not to mention, artists still have to eat and pay car insurance.

With that said, there are some cases where I care more that the art will live in a home that it is loved and appreciated as much as i do. Send me a message explaining your situation, why you ✨really✨ need to have that particular piece in your life, and what your budget will allow. I may just surprise you with a personal discount.

What does the piece _____ mean?


Do you ship to _____ country?

Good question. Send me a message directly and I’ll look up the shipping costs. I’m sure we can work something out. (I hear African Swallows can carry much more these days)

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